About Us

Room for Tea is a new kind of home-sharing network. We connect guests in need of short-term, affordable accommodation in London with hosts who have spare capacity in their clean, comfortable homes.

Who is this for? Well, everyone. But our motivation is to help aspiring interns and apprentices access affordable accommodation in london during their work experience, offering anyone, from anywhere, a fair chance at starting their dream career.

But that’s not all! We also believe that if a host can easily find reliable, friendly and courteous guests to welcome into their homes without long-term commitment, they might have: a new friend in the making, a very grateful guest who is willing to help out around the house, and more disposable income to spend on the finer things in life; be that treating the grand-children, fine dining or just keeping the heating on for an extra hour or two.

And even that’s not all! We will offer hosts and guests the chance to link with other hosts and guests at events, meetings and groups, so experiences can be shared, social and professional networks can be created.

How are we doing it?

Room for Tea was awarded funding as part of the Keeping Connected Business Challenge, a collaboration between the Technology and Strategy Board and the Design Council aimed at developing innovative, design-led services to help older adults to stay connected.

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