Room with rug

How to give your room a fresh look without risking your deposit

Here are some simple hacks and ideas to give your rented place a new look without risking your deposit.

 Keep it simple

A good mantra is keep it simple; not overcrowding your room is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Your room will come with a bed, bedside table, something to hang clothes and usually a chest of drawers - anything else depends on the space available in the room. Bear in mind that the less you have, the more space you’ll get. Store any bulky belongings (suitcase, winter coats) under your bed - vacuum bags are great to store away any clothes you don’t use regularly.

Clothes Rail

If you don’t have a wardrobe, a freestanding clothes rail is an affordable and stylish option to maximise the space you have. Make sure you get a sturdy one that won’t collapse with the weight of clothes.

Think creatively

You don't need much to create a useful storage system that also looks good. Here we turned wine crates - which are easy to find online or in a wine shop - into a handy shoe storage solution. Light and easy to assemble, wooden crates are ideal as a makeshift bedside table, to create shelves or storage. 

DYI painting crates

We picked two shades of furniture paint from B&Q and bought plastic sheets to protect the floor. Painting outside of the house is best to ensure you don't damage surroundings, also choose a water-based paint, which comes off easily in case of any spillages. As we were going for a natural look, we only painted one coat, to give it that extra rough-and-ready feel.

Shoe storage
Small touches count

Changing lighting is an even easier way to add a touch of personality to a room. Try swapping lamp bulbs or invest in a new lampshade. Led filament bulbs are a no-brainer: they look great and are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs.

Treat yourself with new beddings, cushion covers and a throw to give your room a fresh look. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, rugs are an easy way to hide away old floors or battered carpets and add a stylish yet comfortable touch to your room.

Indoor Plants

Buy some plants for freshness and because they look great! Prices in specialist shops can climb up very quickly, so your best best is to head to garden centres or Columbia Road Market where you'll get the best deals at market closing times.

Apps are your friend

There's so much choice for stylish pre-loved furniture and decoration if you know where to look. There are plenty of marketplaces out there, starting with Gumtree and Ebay which have the largest selection, but are not always the most user-friendly.

Shpock is an easy way to find cheap secondhand furniture and home decor in your local area - no need to travel far as all products are grouped by distance to you, saving time and money. Although it takes time to browse through hundreds of listings on Facebook marketplace, you can find some great deals for expensive brands at low prices. 

To find DYI tools, post on your local Next Door group, a social media network for neighbours. Members will usually let you borrow tools for free. Otherwise, Fat Llama lets you rent tools and equipment by the hour.

Looking for inspiration? RoomForTea is a great place to browse many different home interior styles and ideas. See for yourself!